We can help you better manage
all your PR, media, customer and
corporate communications activities
to the maximum benefit of the business.

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Our focus is on enhancing our clients’ external and internal communications and protecting and building their reputation.

Creating a competitive advantage by establishing a favourable name, brand and reputation through effective communication with chosen audiences is a much stronger, longer-lived and more cost-effective differentiator than ‘cruder’ means like blanket advertising.

We are excellent writers of all types of copy and content and have a strong research, regulatory and compliance edge – we’re well versed in handling complexity and working with bodies such as the FSA.

Repucare has great expertise operating in B2b and B2c environments and with public bodies. We have experience of working in new media and developing a presence for clients in the emergent, and ever more important, social networking channels.

We can help properly align our clients’ communications with their overall business objectives to deliver outstanding results.

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Independent communications consultant on a key strategic project for the UK's leading insurance company.

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Work on Aviva's estates reattribution (Project Wagner) awarded a Marketing Society Award for Excellence 2010.

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